Empire Sushi

Food & Beverages

Floor: Level B1

Location: B-007

Contact number: 03-8080 0273


Since year 2013, Empire Sushi® has been delighting customers in Malaysia with our diverse portfolio, a different style of Japanese cuisine. Our group has since expanded to include the Bento (lunch box) and Oden Food.

Empire Sushi® is a well-known sushi chain in Malaysia, offering a wide range of sushi and 70 variety of sushi such as Maki, Nigiri, Roll, Inari, Gunkan, Onigiri and Temaki.

In keeping with Empire Sushi® exceptional standards, Empire Sushi® is further strengthening its gastronomic stable of Japanese cuisine, Empire Sushi® is proud to launch a brand new “Empire Sushi Premium”.

We are the first Japanese restaurant in Malaysia to deliver our sushi by integrating advance technology on speed. It helps to shorten the customer waiting time significantly. To ensure the taste of our sushi is in quality and freshness.

We are not only provided take away concept, dine in concept is available now!

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