Home & Décor

Floor: Level 3

Location: T-313

Contact number: 03-7622 6366


Corvan was established in Malaysia in the year 2000 focusing on the application of cutting edge technology on everyday home appliances such as robot vacuum cleaners, robotic mop and more to improve modern day living.

The main component of our R&D consists of talking and listening to our customers, including making house visits to understand their needs and expectations directly. We believe this non-stop process helps us greatly in creating and bringing better value to our customers with good products. Their comments, support and trust fuel our passion to strive harder for excellence everyday. We are also fortunate enough to have a network of good technology partners and suppliers worldwide to make this possible.

Today, Corvan is highly regarded for bringing value to consumers with good products and strong after sales support. In fact, many of our products are global household brands.

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